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Massage Therapist:

Colleen owns SRQ Salon & Spa and has been in the massage business for 30 years and has built many successful businesses. Her passion is making people feel better and helping them find balance in their lives. She is from New Jersey (exit 4) and grew up with nine siblings. Her goal is to continue to grow SRQ Salon and Spa while continuing to offer the best in hair and body services in the industry. Colleen’s hobbies include playing the guitar and singing, spending time with friends, hiking and biking. Her favorite flowers are lilacs and she loves being in the forest, especially on the Appalachian Trail.

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Hair Stylist:

Fatima has been in the styling business for 18 years and loves to connect with people and see their happiness after getting their hair done. She truly cares about her clients and enjoys sharing their lives with them. Fatima has lived in Sarasota for 18 years and moved here from Minneapolis. Her goals are to continue to build her expertise and experience new trends in fashion and her hobbies are walking on the beach. Fatima loves everything about the outdoors and says she feels alive when she is surrounded by nature.

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Massage Therapist:

Amy is a Florida native and a graduate of Sarasota School of Massage Therapy. She previously worked in the pain management field and has seen how pain affects people both physically and mentally. Amy is focused on an approach to body work that utilizes a combination of multiple modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular/trigger point therapy and myofascial release. These relaxation and therapeutic techniques guide her intuitive hands to a place of healing, that she believes is at the core of everyone's being. Amy loves the beach right after sunset and is ‘obsessed’ with Jacaranda Trees.

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Jessica has been part of the beauty industry for 6 years. She says the best part of working at SRQ Salon and Spa is the people she works with, both clients and colleagues. Jessica is a Sarasota native and has a finance and daughter. Jessica’s goals are to become a licensed make-up artist and develop a brand helping people be beautiful. Her biggest hobby is going to the beach and her favorite flower is an African Rose


6533 Superior Ave

Sarasota, FL 34231





Daily: 9am to 7pm

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